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Always Do What You Are Afraid To Do.

The Title of this post is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Ralph really knew what he was talking about or so we will come to find out this weekend.  I’m getting a lot of messages and e-mails from friends asking me if I am insane for running this upcoming race.  They are looking for a screw loose I’m sure.  Have I ever run a 48-hour Ultra?  No, but that’s why I am doing it.  Am I scared?  You bet your ass I am. Haha.  So many things can go wrong.  So many things can hinder my goal, but if it was easy, then anyone would do it.  Honestly I love the fact that people think I am insane.  It means I am doing something different to them.  And maybe it will inspire them to help those that need it.  I know we may not have been friends, but I have a pretty good feeling that Jay will be pushing me further and further along that race when I need it.

Inspire and help those in need!

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