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Motivate Your Mind For Happiness After Opiate Addiction


All of our lives have ups and downs. Keeping a positive mental attitude (PMA) can make the difference between happiness and depression. For a good part of my life I battled severe depression. Always had this shit eating grin on my face and seemed very happy but I was a huge negative Nancy. I would […]

What If My Whole Life Has Been Wrong?

Don’t get to the point where you’re living a lie. Don’t arrive at your death bed and ask yourself, “What if my whole life has been wrong?” Find YOUR purpose now and make a difference. Imagine that today something tragic happens to you.  Imagine your whole life has been completely turned upside down.  You wake […]

Where Have I Been?


Hey everyone,     Hope all is well out there in your reality!  I haven’t posted in about a week.  Had to take some time to myself to reflect on where I am going and re-caliberate what direction I am heading.  I had to reset the brain because I was getting lazy mentally and physically.     […]

Getting Past Judgement


When you are faced with rough times, doesn’t matter what the topic, far too many times we fear what it will look like to others.  We fear being judged as an object of failure and that people will look down on us or label us as weak.  The more we worry about how it looks, […]

The Suicidal Battle


I  have had the privilege of coming within inches of my own demise.  Most people wouldn’t usually see it as a blessing but I can’t imagine it any different. Being so close to something so cement and so final, and turning it around, enabled me to find my own meaning in my life again. I […]

How Low Can You Go? Part II


Because I feel like most people grasp the severity of addiction when they hear horror stories, I thought that I would add on to yesterday’s post, and show you how much lower I was able to go. I pretty much played limbo for a good two years, each passing day, I was brought lower and […]

The Face Of My Focus


As with most times in my life, I made the best with my situation and decided it was time to start opening up, letting go one by one of the demons that had come to take over my body.  I spoke very frequently in my meetings,and realized instantly that I had so much to learn and so many questions […]

My Cover Is Unique


In today’s society, people have convinced themselves that they can judge anything and everything. We are our favorite critics. It seems that in every aspect, majority wins. Most people go with the flow in conversations with friends and acquaintances. People have an urge to fit in, be liked, respected by others. So that cover you […]

When Your Apology Is Not Enough


As you know from reading my previous posts, I did some really disgusting things to people I love. Most of the people had at least 20 years of a relationship with me. Knew the kind of person I was before the path of self-destruction. Over a two-year period, signs were being displayed through my actions […]

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