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A Life Worth Living


The past week has been an emotional roller coaster. After the video that Greg Lassik and Nick Cucci published, my life has been going a mile-a-minute. I just wish I could run that fast. haha j/k My e-mail has irrupted and people are reaching out in numbers that I didn’t know were possible. After sharing […]

Be Free Tee.com


When I started this blog a little over a year ago I did not expect it to take off the way it did. I had planned to share my personal story and show others battling with the same issues that they can be overcome and more importantly channeled into a positive. I have succeeded in […]

What’s Goin’ Down.


Been one hell of a ride the past 3 weeks.  Working my tail off cutting lawns, writing, speaking and being present in each moment I have left on this planet.  Like I’ve mentioned, Jess, Napoleon and I have moved into our new place.  It seriously is perfect for all of us.  It’s in a cute […]

The Weekend of July 30th by Mike


The weekend of July 30 I seem to be having urges less and less which is a big step forward. I’m at a point where I really only get trigger urges. Is there a difference, technically speaking I don’t know. But in my own experience I believe they are completely different. The first few weeks […]

Monday July 18th by Mike


Monday July 18th -Today was a good day at work followed by some evening jetskiing with my brother in-law…A busy mind is a clean mind!  I also wanted to talk about a run-in I had with a buddy on my way home from work.  This guy has been doing oxy for about the same amount […]

The weekend of July 16th by Mike

Solid weekend.  Spent Saturday with my girlfriends family basically from sun up to sun down.  Just relaxed and laid around in the pool.  Sat night my cousins came down.  My one cousin who I am close with is great to talk to.  He went through a similar situation as me at a younger age.  I […]

Friday July 15th by Mike

Friday July 15th. Today was another good day for the most part.  I’m doing so much better at work that I feel like my co-workers are like what the hell got into him!  Its unbelievable how you lose all drive and life when your using.  Its definitely a motivating force for me.  I also have […]

Welcome Mike, New Writer for FreeFromHell.com

Hello everyone.  I am here to share with you my daily progression through my addiction battle, or as much as I possibly can.  I have decided it is in my best interest to keep my name anonymous for now.  So we will just say my name is Mike. I’d like to start by giving you […]

Strength In Helping of Opiate Addicts

lending hand

“Be a pillar for people to lean on and the strength you gain from helping will far outweigh the power you need to hold them up.” – Me –

The Bricks Of My Foundation


This post is for the people who have stuck by me. The people who, when times were horrid and hellish, held me and knew the potential in me. At the crash and burn stage of my addiction I lost a lot of my life. Few people held their heads and lifted me up. I have […]

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