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Motivation I have found that alot of struggling addicts, including myself at one point, constantly search for a motivating factor to drive them forward to a clean life.  Recently, two guys I have been in contact with who are trying to get clean keep bringing this up so I thought it was a good time […]

New Direction


I haven’t written in awhile.  In fact, I haven’t really even thought about writing.  For the first few months of my recovery, writing really helped me.  This blog was an outlet for me to get things off my chest.  It was like my shrink and it worked.  I thanked people, I apologized to people. But […]

New Beginnings of Old by Mike


Ever since I started abusing narcotics, I have severed ties with some awesomepeople.  When your high, you feel as if you can never go back to the life you usedto live.  Its like everything has been changed for good.  I use to get so depressedthinking about where my life was before using drugs and where […]

Thursday July 28th by Mike


Everyday is hard. I remember the first time I tried to kick this it seemed much easier. Maybe because deep down I knew it would blow over and I could go back to using soon enough. Maybe now that I know the party is truly over makes it much more difficult. I say party because […]

Thursday July 21


Thursday July 21 Moody moody moody.  Since I woke up this morning I have been in a shit mood.  I just couldn’t shake it no matter what.  It seems like the slightest things set me off like I have roid rage or something its crazy.  I have been researching online and also learned from Ryan […]

Monday July 18th by Mike


Monday July 18th -Today was a good day at work followed by some evening jetskiing with my brother in-law…A busy mind is a clean mind!  I also wanted to talk about a run-in I had with a buddy on my way home from work.  This guy has been doing oxy for about the same amount […]

The weekend of July 16th by Mike

Solid weekend.  Spent Saturday with my girlfriends family basically from sun up to sun down.  Just relaxed and laid around in the pool.  Sat night my cousins came down.  My one cousin who I am close with is great to talk to.  He went through a similar situation as me at a younger age.  I […]

Friday July 15th by Mike

Friday July 15th. Today was another good day for the most part.  I’m doing so much better at work that I feel like my co-workers are like what the hell got into him!  Its unbelievable how you lose all drive and life when your using.  Its definitely a motivating force for me.  I also have […]

Welcome Mike, New Writer for FreeFromHell.com

Hello everyone.  I am here to share with you my daily progression through my addiction battle, or as much as I possibly can.  I have decided it is in my best interest to keep my name anonymous for now.  So we will just say my name is Mike. I’d like to start by giving you […]

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