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Rise Above It


A little over 2 years ago I decided to put myself out there. Took a chance at facing a lot of adveristy, a TON of negative messages and emails from people I knew and strangers. It became clear to me at that time in my life that what people thought of me became pointless. What […]

What’s Happening


Getting contacted a lot about my help. I do NOT charge money to talk or meet in person! I want this to be as clear as day, I answer e-mails, phone calls, texts, make home visits because I want to, not because I want your money. So feel free to contact me. I’m not rich, […]

More Frequent Posts

I was told today by a good friend that this site needs more frequent posts.  He gave it to me straight and I like that.  So here goes. A frequent question that is asked of me often is if I get cravings, an itch to use, thoughts of using, if it ever crosses my mind. […]


This goes out to a guy named Sawyer. Welcome home buddy, you have had quite the journey and your family is extremely proud of you as am I. The world awaits you and is at your finger tips. Happy trails buddy.

The Richest Man In The World

       More often than not, we are searching for something to make our lives better, more fulfilled. We chase money, fame, power or something as simple as a new pair of jeans.  Can we survive without the jeans?  Ofcourse we can, but for some reason, we convince ourselves that obtaining those jeans will make us […]

A Gift For You

Hey everybody! Christmas is in a couple of days and it’s the best time of year to give a little.  So I have decided to give a little gift to one of you. Why? Well, because without you, there would be no Free From Hell, and I think it’s time I pay it forward to […]

Everyones A Teacher


Every encounter in life isn’t by chance.  Atleast this is what I believe.  I believe that every event, every person you see has something to teach you.  Whether it be a child or a beggar on the street.  If you take this idea with you everyday, and understand that you have something to learn from […]

“I’m Crazy?” THANKS!


I have people tell me I am crazy all of the time.  My likes and dislikes are not of that of the majority.  So to be different, yeilds consequences of judgement from others.  To that I thank people, I like to be different, I like to think that I work outside the box and listen for […]

Mind Your Tongue


This past weekend, I went out to Barnes and Noble and checked out some good reads.  While I was there, I decided that I wanted a double espresso for a little pick-me-up.  I went over to the line and waited patiently like everyone else when something disturbing happened.  Let me fill you in. In front […]

No Boundaries- Post 2

The night before the race. Standng at the shores of Lake Canandaguia, ready to run around her the next day.

  In my humble opinion, the human mind is one of the most interesting things on this planet.  It never fails to completely boggle me how in a split second, something can trigger adrenaline  in our bodies to give people super human strength.  I also find it extremely interesting how the frame of mind, or […]

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