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What Is Possible?


A thought, a dream, your passion.  We all have ideas of what can be done. What each of us would like to accomplish.  We usually keep these ideas to ourselves for fear of trying to pursue them and failing.  Worried of what others may think.  People will always be there to judge.  They will tell […]

The Bricks Of My Foundation


This post is for the people who have stuck by me. The people who, when times were horrid and hellish, held me and knew the potential in me. At the crash and burn stage of my addiction I lost a lot of my life. Few people held their heads and lifted me up. I have […]

Please Contact Me

Hey everyone. I can see that my page views and numbers are increasing dramatically. That being said, if you’re on the fence about contacting me, PLEASE, just start the email. Ryan@FreeFromHell.com. I don’t care if you have trouble spelling or writing in general, I don’t care if the e-mail is all over the place. The […]

Scratching At The Unknown

Recently I have geared up and started my training program for the Jason Marles Fundraiser I am running in May.  This training schedule may seem excessive or even obsessive, but I am trying to discover something in myself.  In order to do that, I want to be more than prepared, so if it seems over the […]

No Boundaries- Post 1


As most of you know, this past weekend was a special one for me.  Jess turned 24 on Saturday the 9th of October.  This day was also my personal test.  First off I want to thank her for letting me sign up for this race, knowing that it would be on her birthday, 350 miles […]

Gyno’s and Mechanics


The longer this site has been running, the more people have been coming to me to talk about addiction.  People who I know nothing about, know very little, or people I’ve known forever, and  have  now opened up to me about personal battles in their lives.  It’s humbling to know that people feel comfortable enough […]

Mental Storm


The alarm sounded on Frank’s nightstand, and once again it was a new day.  This morning was different,  I was achy,  and my body was starting to feel the sleep deprivation.  My mind was becoming foggy, kind of like I was hungover.   I took out the piece of paper and read it to myself.  It could […]

Twas Dirty, Now Clean

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Ripples In The Water


The damage substance abuse causes affects everyone in your life. I have this vision of what my pill popping drug addiction did to the people around me. Imagine a body of water with little sail boats on it. The boats closer to shore are the ones closest to me in life. Now picture pills falling […]

My Cover Is Unique


In today’s society, people have convinced themselves that they can judge anything and everything. We are our favorite critics. It seems that in every aspect, majority wins. Most people go with the flow in conversations with friends and acquaintances. People have an urge to fit in, be liked, respected by others. So that cover you […]

Photo Gallery

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