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Finding Yourself After Getting Clean of Opiates


A few moments in your life stand out. Moments that will never leave the memory. They either are life changing, traumatic, or sometimes they have no meaning at all and you can’t figure out why the hell you remember it. I want to share a moment that I will never forget. The moment I found […]

Stay Vigilant


Many things going on in my life at the moment. Have been given incredible opportunities and have had some hardships thrown at me. All in all I am one lucky guy to be walking and breathing. Can never get too sunk into the daily issues you have without taking a step back and realizing that […]

The Lie Of The Opiate High


The Lie Of The High The Beginning grabs you in like a warm hug. The comfort, the happiness of this companion is like none you have ever felt. The two of you enjoy hours of a happy dream haze. Every moment seems perfectly perfect. That is UNTIL… Yes, until it starts to decay. Till the […]

Nature’s Calling

Feeling the need to express some joy today.  Far too often we go about our lives and don’t really take a step back to be thankful.  I could not be more thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.  The health I have,  and the fact that I woke up this morning. Like […]

Just Keepin’ It Real

We all have times in our lives when we face the darkness.  The past couple months I have not been myself.  I keep running into walls created by my own mind.  I make plans with myself and then fall back, brush myself off and go again, and fall once more.  It seems that I have […]



Thanksgiving is upon us.  It’s a time of sharing, love and EATING.  In the past I have concentrated mostly on the eating portion of the holiday.  When I think back to my childhood and what I remember from the day, a lot of people around the dinner table.  But as the years have passed, les […]



Sometimes I need to be reminded about what life is all about.  Whenever I feel like I am getting bogged down by my own negative thoughts, and it’s been a frequent occurrence lately, I sit down and write to you guys. And it helps.  So today I want to challenge you, virtually of course. I need you […]

My Calling


My first meeting was used as an introduction. The format was more of a round robin. The guys went around explaining who they were, what drugs they did and talked about the stupid shit they did while using. I was the only guy in here for oxy, which surprised me, because of how huge I […]

My Punishment


I’ll say this…I got off easy. The things I did while using were horrendous and I deserved the punishment I received. I am currently serving out a probation sentence while paying those back that I took from. I won’t rest until every cent is paid back to those who suffered on my account, even if […]

My Cover Is Unique


In today’s society, people have convinced themselves that they can judge anything and everything. We are our favorite critics. It seems that in every aspect, majority wins. Most people go with the flow in conversations with friends and acquaintances. People have an urge to fit in, be liked, respected by others. So that cover you […]

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