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This past weekend Jess and I took a ‘mini’ road trip to Connecticut for the day to visit my cousin Alix for her birthday.  We met up with her and her boyfriend Dan for a fun-filled day of celebration and dinner.  We had a blast to say the least, which is do to the obvious fact that we get along very well and have the same views about a lot of things. 

 Jess and I LOVE sightseeing in historic towns and viewing the beautiful homes and landscapes.  My cousin was kind enough to drive us around to show us more gigantic, old homes to awe at. We took in the views for a good hour, then we stopped into a little  antique shop, and Jess and Alix were in  heaven.  If I had a dollar for every antique shop I’ve been in during the last 4 or so years of our relationship, I’d be a rich man.

Afterwards we headed back to their cute little home and lounged around and talked while her boyfriend practiced on his Bass for a Master’s class that he is taking.  He is an amazing musician and an even better person.  So as he played we relaxed.  I wanted to run out to get some things from the local store and check out the area a little.  I went out alone while Jess and my cousin talked.  As I drove around I noticed some nice little shops down the road and pulled in.  At this point in the day, after driving in a downpour and leaving the house at 6 AM, I was  in need of some coffee so I stopped into the coffee shop there and ordered a cup and sat down.  I wanted to get a feel for the area and people watch.  What I saw kind of upset me.

There is a word in the dictionary that bothers me. And that word simply put,  is entitlement.  This word brings the feelings of sourness to mind.  As I sat there, I saw person after person come in and treat these employees as if they were scum.  Scum is a harsh word but it is the best way I could explain how I saw it.  The more and more that I saw of this, the more and more I really began to open my eyes around me.  I looked around at the people sipping coffee, majority of them with frowns on their faces.  I kind of giggled and smiled at some and they looked at me like I did not belong.  And in that moment I was over-joyed.  They were right, I definitely did not belong and it felt damn good.

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