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It is the feeling in your stomach that stops you in your tracks.  It paralyzes your progress and fills you with doubt.  It’s the mountain of false thoughts that keep you from moving forward, the black hole of advancement.

I have mentioned time and time again the burning desire in my chest to live, and the new found respect I have for each breath I take. What I don’t speak much about is the battle of fear I have on a daily basis.  My personality which is sort of,   “all in, all the time” has it’s flaws. It’s these  flaws I want to share with you.

I have many people turn to me for advice on addiction, or how to overcome hard times and mental sickness.  Though I have some input on these issues, I am by no means an expert.  I too have my tough times, my moments of doubt, times when I fall victim to my own doubts.  But, what I have learned about most is the power of fear itself.

When I am stricken with fear of my next approach, of the unknown, I now know that it is only because it is new.  It is natural to be weary of things we have never experienced, but what used to leave me paralyzed in cement shoes, has now given me a challenge to face head on. 

Fear is motivated only by our own thoughts of failure.   So how does one conquer failure?  Well it’s quite simple, take a deep breath, clear your mind and think about what failure actually is.  Failure is a speed bump to success.  Without failure, success does not exist.  So if this is true, fear is a neccessary tool to overcome. 

 Next time you are paralyzed with fear, take a step back, gather your thoughts, realize that at that moment you have 2 choices.  You can curl up in a ball and surrender, or you can smack it in the face and pursue greatness.  Fear is a tap on the shoulder, it’s a moment that should be recognized, it’s a time when you break from the norm.  Fear is nothing but a reminder of false boundries, so next time you feel fear, know that it is just a mental test, a time for you to overcome and succeed to new levels.

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