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Fortitudine Vincimus

End of 34 miles and Bloated from way too much fluid

As with most things in life, if you stick with it long enough, put 100% into it, and don’t steer away from the goal ahead, you will accomplish it.  It’s all about your endurance.  I really believe that this is what draws me so intensely to endurance running,  or as some of my family members like to call it, my  ”insanity.” 

The feeling I get from accomplishing a long run is hard to explain, but for you, I’ll try.  I have a lot of  rituals before I set out on my 15+ mile training runs.  I like to hit up my local BJ’s Wholesale Store once a month to buy a couple of cases of Gatorade.  I typically stage 5-8  Gatorade’s per run.  What the hell is staging? Well I’m glad you asked. Before my run  I  place the drinks in bushes and secret hiding places along my route. I also order a box or two of GU gels from the internet.  These gels are used for fuel during long runs. I then usually slap on some Vaseline for chafing in my happy areas, a hat, and I’m ready to go. Not too big of a deal.

These items are a very small price to pay for the experience ahead.  Every day that I head out and start my run out my front door, I concentrate immediatly on my mindset.  This is my time to myself, and it’s the best gift I can give my body.  Just me, my thoughts, nature, and the open road.  The first two miles are usually a little painful while my body is working the kinks out of my  muscles, but as the natural pain relievers in my brain increase, I soon lose sight of the  minor annoyance. 

Then it’s time to zone out…complete meditation.  No head phones, no music blaring in my ear for motivation, I don’t need it, I have my own thoughts of the future to inspire me.  Just like the vastness of the open road, my futures potential is endless.  I always hear people say that the skies the limit.  Screw that, the skies not my limit, I’m gonna push farther than anyone ever has. 

During long runs you are stricken with many obstacles.  Things you can never prepare for, and it is all too much like life.  Your body will be screaming at you to stop, trying it’s hardest to cause you pain, and it’s always at this time when the same thought pops in my head.   I think back to laying in that hospital bed withdrawing. I see my families tears and worry painted on their faces.  The pain and disgust I felt that day will never leave me.  

While in the midst of that memory,  I  find a smile creeping back over my face and I push forward.  Life is nothing but one very long run, I’m not stopping, not till I hit that  finish line.  Fortitudine Vincimus.

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