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I Have Work To Do


Seems like  every morning nowadays I wake up early.  No matter what time I hit the sheets, I am awoken at 6am.  My internal clock wakes me up and says, “Ryan you have work to do.”  That work is my passion and it’s this here writing.  It’s my voice to you, and it’s from deep in my soul.  I hope more than anything that what I am being called to do resonates with at least one other person out there.

I get up, and head directly outside.  I take a second to experience real life in it’s pureness,  take a deep breath, feel the air on my face, the reflection of the upcoming sun and smile  BIG.  I am, after all,  alive and I have work to do.

I head indoors and set a pot of water up for my tea, hit up the bathroom to do my business( because I know you want to know about that), then it’s off to the computer. I sit at my desk, open the floodgates, and begin to  brainstorm. So many things fill my head that sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate on just one thought.  I just might have to calm myself down…that’s how excited I get.

When I pull up my website my face is usually filled with a smile, but sometimes I am over come with tears. I never know what the next day will bring, or what emotion will come to the surface, but  whatever  the mood it brings, it must get out. I have work to do.

I feel the universe pulling me in this direction.  Can not explain completely what I mean in words, but I now know the reason I have been put on this earth.  Many people out there are tired of suffering.  They are sick and tired of feeling alone, truly believing that they have no way out, that there is no chance for them. 

 It’s amazing what these self inflicted poisons will do to brain function.  Your brain will do whatever you want it to do. You just have to want it bad enough.  Just know, that I’m never going to back down, I am always going to stand up for this fight, and for this cause.  I am going to fight it till the end. You with me?  We have work to do.

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