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Sometimes I need to be reminded about what life is all about.  Whenever I feel like I am getting bogged down by my own negative thoughts, and it’s been a frequent occurrence lately, I sit down and write to you guys. And it helps.  So today I want to challenge you, virtually of course. I need you all to do me a favor, and in return I think you will find that this favor will actually be a gift to you. 


Imagine that today is the last day of your life.  You have exactly 389 more breaths to take before you die.  You may not make it to bed tonight, you might end up in a morgue.  Did this morbidity get your attention?

What I want people to start realizing is that your potential is endless. Sometimes we need something  or someone to spark our fire. Think back on how often have you said, I want to do this or I want to do that but I don’t have time, I will start next Spring or Summer?  As soon as you catch yourself saying such a thing, think of time that you have already wasted.  Time is not promised to any of us.  Life can be taken in a split second.  So next time you say, I will start that tomorrow or next week, remember that your time may be close.  You may be breaths away from your last.

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