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As you can tell I have been on break from writing. I have been putting so much of my attention on my training leaving little time for this. What a mistake this has been, putting all of my eggs in one basket. This morning I woke up with raging pain under my left foot. Seems to me that I managed to bruise the bottom of my foot on a long one 3 days ago. I’m not worried about it, but I noticed that without the running, I felt a little empty. Which is NOT a good thing. I have been getting away from my roots. So here I am.

We interact with each other everyday as humans. We have such a large influence on one another, either positive or negatively. Through this blog I have had the privilege of meeting and helping people in any way I can. Sometimes just listening to someone when they need an ear can change their outlook.

Far too often we overlook opportunities to help people because we are afraid. We are afraid of rejection. If you see someone in need, lend a hand, an ear, some of your time, and take a chance. It may end up impacting that person or even yourself. Every action we take, makes an imprint in this world. Spreading positive imprints is my goal. Join me.

I have been receiving complaints about responses to comments. If you comment on one of the posts, I ALWAYS reply. My Ryan@FreeFromHell.com email address sometimes shows up automatically in your trash or spam folders. For some reason they think I’m spamming you. So if you comment on a post, PLEASE check your spam or trash folders for a response e-mail. I NEVER leave someone hanging. I pride myself on answering every e-mail that comes my way. Thank You!

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