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It’s A Time For Giving


It’s the holiday season and it’s the best time of year!   You can write out your lists of all the gifts you hope to receive, you can bake cookies and sing songs that bring out your holiday cheer.  I love to do all of these things but I like to add a little bit more.  I look at the holidays a little differently now, before I got clean, it was all about me, what I wanted, how I could get mine.  Now, couldn’t be anymore different.  This time of year is for giving.  I know people say it all the time, but the best gift you can receive during the holidays is knowing that you helped a family in need.  I was in my local grocery store yesterday and at check out I noticed these little coupons.  One said $5 and the other $3, I looked closer and it said take one of these to your cashier and have them swipe it.  It was a donation to my local food bank.  I was all over this, I grabbed one and handed it to the cashier.  She smiled and rang it up.  I heard some chatter from the people behind me and they asked what that was, I explained and they TOO grabbed one.  It felt awesome to see people helping others during this bad economic time.  Helping others becomes contagious.

Now I know you’re thinking, hmmmm I really want to help some people this holiday and I don’t know where to go.  Well you came to the right place!!!

My sister is a teacher at Red Bank Middle School, two of the students families lost their homes to house fires during Thanksgiving weekend.  They lost everything and are looking for clothes and toys.  I have a list that has everything that is asked for.  If you would like to lend a helping hand, please e-mail me at Ryan@FreeFromHell.com

On Thanksgiving morning around 3:22am Ocean County lost a hero, a wife lost her husband and 2 gorgeous children lost their father.  Jason, a nine-year veteran of the Ocean Gate Police force,  had just finished working an extra, four-hour shift looking for drunken drivers and was on his way home to his family.  He did not make it home.  He was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver.   Words can never express enough the sorrow felt for this family and the comfort we hope to give them.  I hope that some will feel the need to help them out.  There are fundraisers going on for the children.  If you are interested in helping them please e-mail me Ryan@FreeFromHell.com 

Take 10 minutes out of your day to brighten the lives of these people.  You can really make a difference!

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