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Keep It Real, Keep It Positive, Keep It Movin’

Many times in life we are faced with hardships, whether it is our addiction, loss of a job, family member, relationships.  How we handle these hardships mentally greatly effects our lives. I used to be the type of person who allowed things to bring me down easily, I could get ketchup on my shirt and it would ruin my day. Now I am thankful I have a shirt and am able to afford ketchup. It basically comes down to keeping it real, and keeping it positive.  Far too often we forget what is truly important in this life.  That materials, though necessary in some instances, do not define us.  What we give, what energy we spread is what matters.  How we help others, how we treat those we do not even know.

Over the past 2+ years, I have been experimenting with the idea of giving everything I have, with all of my heart to complete strangers. Opening my life up to anyone who is willing to listen.  Showing others that judgement of your past has no control of you if you let it go. People say things to me all the time about how open I am about my past. When someone asks about my “clean.” shirt, I explain my mission and that I am recovering addict and a felon from drug related crimes. Strangers usually become wide-eyed and then calm. Maybe it is the fact that honesty isn’t a common thing nowadays. So do yourself a favor, Keep It Real, Keep It Positive, and Keep It Movin’!

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