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Keepin The Fire Lit

Over time a flame will slowly go out.  In life, the desire to pursue and conquer great things can sometimes slow down due to this flame going out.  So how do you keep it lit?  This is a very tough question, at least it has been for me.  When I first started this site, I was out of the gates flying, I was all over the place and  in the past couple of weeks I have been slacking.  Maybe I should have paced myself.  The flame was dimming, and I was becoming lax and it was not of my normal nature.  So how do you keep the flame lit?  How do you keep that inner drive alive and exciting, while still maintaining consistency?

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of white noise being said about me, and my sobriety, once again. I would think this subject would grow tired for some, but apparently not. In the moment, the things I heard hurt so incredibly much.  So much, in fact that I sat down to write this post out of anger. However, as soon as I started typing, I realized the source this “noise” came from, considered it, and am just now, starting to calm down and let it go. In other words, I’m taking it from where it comes.

Jess quoted something to me moments ago, and she could not be more on the ball, she told me that, ” people throw rocks at things that shine.” As much as that sucks, it’s true. Lately I’ve started to believe that it’s human nature to bring other people down around you that have something you want, or that you are jealous of in some way. It just seems that people like to keep people down to better themselves.

It’s all too often in life, that when we are down and out about something going on within ourselves, that we like to cast our inner feelings onto other people. And, I think that is what just happened to me. Why do people have to be so mean though? Honestly, why? Does it make them feel better to take the heat off of  problems they are going through? Does it make them feel better to know that they ruined someones day? Whatever the gratifying reason, I am here to say, it’s just not cool.

Before pointing fingers, one should take a look in the mirror, and question where those motives come from. Ask yourself  your reasons for saying negative things to, or toward someone. And make sure they aren’t because you, yourself are having a bad day, or because you, yourself are not where you want to be in life.

I just had my fire re-lit because of things said about me.  Things that hurt not only ego, but my inner soul.  But now, I am actually sweating, sweating because I am filled with fire.  A fire that I have never felt before.  Look out everyone, if shit wasn’t good before, it’s about to get even better.

I also want to say Thank You, to those of you that have had your doubts about me. You make me better and stronger everyday.

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