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This past weekend, I went out to Barnes and Noble and checked out some good reads.  While I was there, I decided that I wanted a double espresso for a little pick-me-up.  I went over to the line and waited patiently like everyone else when something disturbing happened.  Let me fill you in.

In front of me on line was a mother and her son who was about 6 years old.  The son was wearing a New York Jets jersey.  A Mark Sanchez jersey to be exact.  And after a little small chat with her and her son, I gave the boy a high five, because I love me some Jets.  Behind me was a young couple, probably around 20 or so.  They were chatting about the new Rainn Wilson book, which I heard about on Conan.  So I turned around and dropped a line that I thought that book was an awesome idea.  Then all of a sudden, an older woman, who walked by all of us as if we weren’t standing on line, headed to the very front.  The Starbucks employee told her politely that the line started back there, to which she pointed behind all of us.  She replied, “I am on line”  with a bit of a snotty attitude.  Now this woman was with her friend of equal age, they both were dressed in expensive clothing, lots of jewelery and were obviously wealthy.  They also had a bit of a priveledged attitude, and they made it clear that they didn’t feel like they had to wait on line like the rest of us humans.  This ofcourse rubbed me the wrong way.  But I kept my mouth shut.  The women, after being asked to move to the back of the line, decided they would abide by the rules, to a point, and moved right behind me.  Completely cutting the young couple behind me.  I could tell that the couple did not want to even bother with these women so they kept quiet and let them cut them.  This ALSO rubbed me the wrong way.  But it gets worse.

One of the Starbucks employees was artistic in her appearance.  She had gauged ears, short hair, and had her own style, which I respect greatly.  The two privledged women were not pleased with this girls appearance and began to comment loud enough for everyone on line to hear.  They said she was disgusting and that it made them sick to look at her.  And guess what happened next?  If you guessed that I let THIS go well you are wrong.  This was the straw that broke the camels back for me.  I turned around to them and looked the one in the eyes that was making the comments as if to say with my eyes, “Are you serious?”  To this point, that was as far as I was going to go, until something came over me.  I am not the type of person to pick fights or be a trouble maker, but without batting an eyelash I looked at both of them and said, “You guys are assholes.”  Immediately following my comment I felt very badly for saying that to them.  But at the same time, I made my point.  I don’t care who you THINK you are.  You have no right to judge someone else.  The women were silent the rest of the time on line.  I heard chuckles from the customers around me and I received my espresso, turned back to them and said, “Now you have a wonderful day.”  Hopefully those women learned something that day.  But I am betting they had plenty to say about me when I was I gone. 

The moral of the story is, if someone is being harrassed, don’t sit back and let it happen, help them.

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