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Motivate Your Mind For Happiness After Opiate Addiction

All of our lives have ups and downs. Keeping a positive mental attitude (PMA) can make the difference between happiness and depression. For a good part of my life I battled severe depression. Always had this shit eating grin on my face and seemed very happy but I was a huge negative Nancy. I would look for the bad before the good in most situations. This seems to be the growing norm in our society. People find it much easier to complain than to look for the solution. To believe that there is some ulterior motive to a good deed. It actually cracks me up when people ask me when I give up my time for others, “So what’s in it for you?” Well the answer to that question may sound simple but it goes into a very very deep place.

When you change the way you look at life by being, thinking, and acting more positive, good things happen to you. This isn’t some magical “secret” or some spiritual awakening but it’s what I have experienced. You don’t NEED things to make you happy. Little things in life start to spark a smile when you were blinded prior by your negative asshole ego. You can enjoy silence without getting anxious for something to happen. Your overall well being becomes increasingly healthy. So when people ask what’s in it for me? It makes me happy to help others. It makes me stoked to see someone smile and get excited to wake up in the morning to tackle the day. Knowing that these people have been given a shot when most people would have ignored them, yeah that’s what get’s me high, that’s what makes my life good. Lend a hand, listen to those who need you, be selfless and spread that PMA.

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