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Now Is Your Time

I don’t know if there’s anyone out there that can with certainty, say what the meaning of life is.  For centuries people of all races, creeds, and religions have tried to figure it out. They’ve written books about it, made documentries and have devoted their life to trying to figure out the secret.  Through that time, many lives have graced this earth, made whatever impact they were put here to make, be it small or large, and as with all things in life,  their time on this planet came to an end.  Sooner or later, whether we like to face it or not, we too will no longer be here.  We will no longer be breathing, laughing, crying, smiling, or frowning.  We will not feel joy nor pain.  Our time will come to an end.  All of the materialistic things that drive so many of us,  will mean nothing when we’re gone.  Maybe we should all take a moment and reflect on our life.

What’s the one thing that makes you the happiest? 

The key to happiness in my eyes, is exactly the opposite of the question I just asked.  I figure,  when you are able to just, “Be”, and that makes you happy, you’ve figured it out. When you are able to over look all of the daily “things” that make you happy and find contentment with or without them, then in my eyes, you’ve figured it out.

 When we rely on people, places, and things to drive our joy, I find it hard to believe that any of us will ever be fulfilled. When one of these things comes to an end, which everything does, we will search for something else to make us happy.  It’s a never ending cycle.  Maybe, just maybe when  we are  able to just be happy because we’re simply alive, then everything else will  just taste that much better. Getting up every morning to do simple mundane tasks might not seem so mundane, once we take a look at the bigger picture. Am I making any sense?

Now I know this is much easier said then done.  But, it’s these thoughts and reflections that  wake me up in the morning.  The way I look at things now, is completely different than before, now I know that my past does not exist anymore.   Did you know that we are the only animals on this planet that reflect on our past, who believe it’s real? Its boggling, after studying the way our human brains work, how much time we waste on actions that we can no longer control.

  Our past, my past, well, it’s really gone, it’s over and done with and  it holds no power except in our own minds.  I am slowly trying to  let the past go and face the present moment.  Maybe we should all take that chance, and  do something drastic that we’ve always wanted to do?  Taste life in it’s pure essence.  You only get one life, or so I’m told. Don’t you dare hold anything back.

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