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Tonight I had planned on writing about a totally different topic than what I am going to share with you now.  Why have I decided to change the topic?  Well let’s say that something came to mind and felt more important.

Every once in awhile I need to take a step back in my life and think about where I am going, what obstacles lie ahead, and what I really want from life.  I have had my problems, my tests of personal will, not unlike any of you I’m sure.  Sometimes I realize that I am concentrating too much on the future and not enough on the present moment.

I am about to share with you something that happened this evening that snapped me out of a bad mood.  I live near a corner store which I frequent pretty much every night.  My mind was a little off since I just read a response e-mail from someone I was trying to help.  They explained to me their battle with addiction and how they had overcome incredible odds.  This persons story inspired me greatly, so I wanted to know if this person would like to share their story on the site, confidentially if they weren’t comfortable giving their name.  I asked this ONLY because I felt that it could touch someone’s life battling addiction or motivate someone through a tough time.  What followed my e-mail was not at all what I expected to read.  After I finished reading this persons false judgement of me, I decided to head out to the corner store for some fresh air.

    I am going to be honest, when I got up from my computer desk after reading this hateful e-mail and put on my light jacket, I had a burning feeling in my gut that I might have come off the wrong way with this person.  I wasn’t at all mad about how they felt about me, that didn’t matter, what did matter is that I might have given them the wrong idea. 

I walked out the side door of my house into the dark quiet rainy night and instead of rushing into the car I walked slowly staring up into the sky letting the rain hit my face.  I got into the car and took the short drive to the store where I chit-chatted with the guy who works there about his job.  I asked him if he ever got a day off.  He laughed and said, “no, I work everyday.”  This guy is ALWAYS smiling, ALWAYS saying “Hello, my friend” and he is always very polite.  This guy has something figured out.  I told him to have an awesome night and that I would see him tomorrow.

     I would usually run into the car and fly down the street back to my house.  Instead I walked out very slowly, whistling almost like I didn’t have a care in the world.  And to be honest it hit me that I didn’t.  I stood outside this corner store and watched the people around me flying into the parking lot, running in, running back out and flying down the road.  I stood in this same spot and people-watched for about 10 minutes.  I started to think to myself.  Why are we always in such a damn rush?  Why are we flying around like maniacs? 

I guess what I started to realize was that this person’s email to me really didn’t mean anything.  No ill feelings to them at all, we just weren’t on the same page as far as helping others.  See I truely believe that we are all operating on some kind of energy frequency.  I want to explain this theory the best I can without making you think I am totally insane :)  What I believe, is that if you are operating with a positive mood you are releasing a high frequency which can be connected with other people with high frequencies.  When you are confronted with someone who is operating with a low frequency much lower than your  own, you can feel the tension, and this tension must be avoided for your own health.  I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking I have gone completely mad. 

My point is this, slow down, experience the beauty that surrounds you, and ALWAYS remind yourself of what is truely important.  If you get beaten off the path you were on, brush yourself off and get back on.  It’s a long ride. Do yourself a favor, take a view minutes, play the video below, turn the volume up, and close your eyes.  Now think of all that you are greatful for.  Have a great day.

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