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Many of you have  asked  me what I think about or what I do when I’m being taken over by the “Negative Nancy’s” around me?

Well it’s really simple, or at least after making it a mental priority, it has become simpler over time for me. I stop everything I am doing and tell myself to live in this exact moment right now. This moment, this breath and think why it is that I am getting upset. Am I thinking about the future? Well the future doesn’t exist, I could be dead in two seconds. Is it the past? The past is gone and it’s really only alive in our minds. What if someone just threw up on my brand new white Chucks? The shoes are an object and have no power unless I GIVE them power.

You see, I’ve found that to be happy and positive is  all in my frame of mind. Realizing what is really important in life, soaking it up and really living in it, in every ounce of this exact moment. You’re never promised another breath, so why not have a good time?

For example, Jess loves taking pictures and documenting our memories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good picture as much as the next person. I look at it like this, if you are behind a camera, taking a picture of something, how can you be really enjoying what you are seeing? You are not living in the present moment. That might be an extreme for some, but just use it as a guideline to the main point, I am trying to make.

If you are living in the present moment, a person’s negative comments, can’t really bother you. Why? Because they are already in your past. That very next second, it’s already out of your life. It’s as if you just brushed them away into thin air. No one has the power to make you feel a certain way. Only you can control your own emotions. As soon as we all start coming to grips with this fact, our lives will become a much less hostile, more peaceful place.

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