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Rise Above It

A little over 2 years ago I decided to put myself out there. Took a chance at facing a lot of adveristy, a TON of negative messages and emails from people I knew and strangers. It became clear to me at that time in my life that what people thought of me became pointless. What did I care if you thought I was a junky thief.

I spent the past 2 years busting my ass, writing on my blog, visiting tons of homes for FREE. I made this network and dreamed it to be something it WILL BE. All while being constantly put down in emails from strangers. ¬†Until recently it didn’t matter.

I have always had open arms to those in need and always will. I have never put anyone down or tried to hurt them. I have not been given the same respect as i have been attacked repeatedly by people who I thought were friends. And as recovering addicts you know, the one place that people like to attack when they want to hurt you is your sobriety. It’s the easiest and lowest place for someone to go.

From this moment forward this site will not be hurt by my personal ups and downs. I am human and have had some really rough weeks dealing with people trying to hurt me and my mission. The one thing they forgot is that I am not going to fight them, I will not try to hurt them and I will not lower my standards to fight. This site was made with love for people and will continue to be that way. My door is always open and I am standing firmly on my two feet. Thank you for any support you give me and I love this mission. It is my life.

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