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Scratching At The Unknown

Recently I have geared up and started my training program for the Jason Marles Fundraiser I am running in May.  This training schedule may seem excessive or even obsessive, but I am trying to discover something in myself.  In order to do that, I want to be more than prepared, so if it seems over the top, it probably is.  People always say, “everything in moderation”, and I believe in this to a point. However when you use a blanket statement such as  ”everything” it is an automatic tug at the back of your shirt to hold you back.  To keep you from doing something incredible.

    I have chosen to not follow this rule.  I look at it as “scratching at the unknown.”  Entering a place mentally and physically that I have never experienced.  A place where only few have gone and few have enjoyed.  When I am on long runs or intense workouts, I somethimes hear the voice in my head say “this is nuts, you need to chill” or other negative things.  Like I have said countless times,  when you shut that voice up and push through it, the prize is infinite.  So, what I am entering now is my own unknown surface.  A place that I know exists, but I have yet to enter.  A place that will test my heart, my dedication and my will.  I’m not sure if I will ever reach the END of this surface, but I WILL be smiling all the while that I am digging, pushing, and scratching away at it.  Have a great day everyone, and go get what YOU’RE worth today!

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