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Stay Vigilant

Many things going on in my life at the moment. Have been given incredible opportunities and have had some hardships thrown at me. All in all I am one lucky guy to be walking and breathing. Can never get too sunk into the daily issues you have without taking a step back and realizing that you’re lucky to even be alive.
I get a shit ton of emails nowadays and I couldn’t be happier. It shows that the word is getting out about what we are all about at Free From Hell and that you are never alone. The main question I receive over and over is what should I be careful of in my recovery. What should I be aware of that can help me not slip up. The simple answer to this through my eyes is stay vigilant. I don’t care how much clean time you have, if you get lazy and lose focus of what’s important you will fall back down the rabbit hole. This isn’t something I can just outgrow, in my opinion my addiction is always a few steps behind me. If I do not stay pro-active in my recovery, I will slow down, get bored and bam that addiction will jump on my back. You may say that I am running from my addiction and you know what? You’re damn right I am. That menace of a life will never catch me again, it will never sink it’s claws in my back and suck my life out.
Stay proactive. Bust your ass daily to be somebody YOU can be proud of. Make sure that voice in your head has nothing to bicker at you about because as an addict, you know, the one true judge that leads you back down that hole is your own thoughts of yourself. Keep your chin up, fight like hell and never slow down.

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