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Storm On

Went out to see a friend tonight and on my way home driving was hit with one hell of a storm. It was coming down so hard that I decided to pull up to the beach and watch it. I sat there in silence and listened to the thunder and watched the sparks of lightening fire up the dark sky like flash bangs. Times like these don’t happen too often so I took advantage to enjoy it. Opening my window I felt the gusty moist ocean air pet my face equally. With the back round music of Eddie playing, it was easy to fall into a tranquil state. I opened my door and stepped out into the outside world, away from the protection of my shiny car doors. Immediately I was hit with a chill and a smile. My clothes soaked up water quicker than expected and I stood under the street lamp completely dripping wet and not a care in the world. I was free at that moment. Then I started to think.

I thought about how much time I have wasted thinking and worrying about useless crap. How I let my mind go off track and play tricks on me. I have listened to that judgmental voice in my melon way too much lately. Some people just say I am hard on myself, I think it’s I need to cherish more moments like the one tonight to remind me what’s really important. We all walk this earth at times blinded by societies ideas of the norm. I don’t have many friends these days, spending most of my free time alone. This has led me to question the life I have chosen. I get down on myself thinking I have nothing going on a Friday night and then it hits me; why think like that and forget that maybe the best night I could have is right here, right now, feeling life hit me in the face with each gust. This realization left me smiling and thinking about the future. The endless list of goals I have and the certainty in my heart that I will not stop fighting till I reach them.

Take a step out in the rain. Get your clothes wet and dance. You may feel alive for the first time. It’s there, you just have to open your door.

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