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Why are you doing this is a very common question I receive. Here is my answer to any who are curious.

My dream since being in treatment was to change the addiction community. I have dreamt of opening my own rehab facilities around the country since day one. Is money my goal? Haha not even close. Money isn’t everyone’s driving goal in life. I believe that if you do something you love and you do it for good, you will be well taken care of. Greed is what kills people. I WAS greedy, it was one of the flaws that led me to drugs.  That being said, I can not tell you how many emails I get from people who can not afford rehab. It is about 80% of the time why people feel trapped by their addiction.  They may be able to afford the (example) $100 a day habit by hustling for the money, but the thought of $30,000 for treatment seems like a climb no addict can take without help.  They want so badly to stop but do not see an answer.

I have sat back and watched this for 2 years.  I have seen the rehabs on tv claiming to change your life as they show a person getting a massage.  Sure it may get you clean but for what price?  Do you have $30,000 to spend on the place? Most of us will say “Shit No!”

Here is what I have in mind for a foundation. It WILL become a reality sooner or later, I just need the help.  I want to start a 100% non-profit organization.  We will start with one rehab. You apply to the rehab by phone, e-mail, paper letter, or video and explain why YOU want and need treatment. Why you have had enough.  When accepted, you will then receive treatment FREE of charge.

In this rehab, besides the main goal of learning to and living a clean life, you will be offered education on a trade.  Examples are plumbing, masonry, electricity, cosmetology, massage therapy.  (These are just examples)  Even having legit car washes that are 100% non-profit that help earn money for the centers.

Here is where it gets beautiful in my eyes. Once you graduate rehab, you will then be employed by the foundation and work at the trade you become licensed in. Each dollar earned will be public knowledge, completely open books for the public to see via hard copy or internet. Each worker will earn a salary AND every penny not earned by the workers will go back into the foundation for upkeep of materials and to help fund the rehab.

Right now this is a dream, it is at the earliest of stages.  But it is a dream that I will make a reality. You can bet on it.

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