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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

It’s 12:50 AM on Friday morning as I write this. Our hours have kind of been screwy because  we’ve been really sick over here.  Some thoughts have been tapping on my brain while we’ve been lounging around these last few days, as if begging to be heard.  Something dawned on me tonight that made me question a lot of things.

Everywhere I look lately , it is evident, that we as human beings always need something to provide us with security, comfort, and/or happiness.  Whether it be a new pair of shoes, a video game, an abundance of friends,  or people to agree with us.  This list can go on and on and it can include the most trivial of subjects.

The central point of this post is my questioning out loud to all of you right now, why we as humans always need “things” to provide us with our emotions? I am by no means not guilty of this same obsession but, why are we like this?  Why? I think it just might be because we all believed the greatest lie that was ever told.

Since we were kids we have been told that no one is perfect.  That all of God’s creation, everything on this earth is perfect except for we humans.  Does this makes sense?  Not to me it doesn’t.  We have been told that we need good grades to succeed, that we need to behave a certain way, be it male or female to fit into society.  Boy’s like blue, girls like pink, that kind of thing.  If we behave the way we are supposed to we will be accepted and in return, gain a wonderful life.  If we don’t abide by these teachings, we will be unsuccessful, social outcasts and of course we will be miserable.

Who is to say that what your parents and teachers taught you is right?  If you think about it, everything they know was taught to them and learned through actions of their parents and teachers and this goes back for centuries.  Who decided that this was the right way to live?  I guess over time, as a world civilization, people agreed on certain ways and it became truth.  When a mass amount of people believe in something it becomes truth, or does it?

Remember when you were a kid?  All you did was play outside and enjoy life.  Children do not see race, religion, wealth or social class, we are taught these things.

Now back to that lie, that we are not perfect beings.  I believe we are all perfect, in our own way, who’s to say we are not?  I am a perfect creation of myself, as you are a perfect creation of yourself. I mean, who else could do you better, then you?

We were not raised to believe this way, we were taught that we NEED to do this or that to be a “ good decent person.”  This may seem harmless and just a natural way of raising a child, but think about all of the possible damage implanted. I am not trying to start some dramatic unraveling. I know every parent does the best  they can in raising their children. This is a problem that has been handed down, so far down, that we can’t even cast a blame on anyone anymore.

As a child, you feel as though you need to do certain things or act certain ways to be accepted.  If you’re a good boy or girl, you will get a toy and be happy.  If you are bad, you will be punished and put into “timeout”.  Hence that child now feels as though they NEED to get that toy to be happy. I remember a couple of my own temper tantrums. I’m sure my neighbors do as well.

Now think about your own life for a second, when you run into someone you haven’t seen in a couple of years, what do you usually talk about?  The first thing people usually ask about is your job.  In other words, “what are you doing with your life?  Are you moving up the economic ladder?” The more “successful” you are the happier you appear.

 People say that money doesn’t buy happiness, right?  Then why do I see people forking over hard earned money everyday towards  the lottery?  They are chasing a void that will NEVER be filled.  This is because we have a feeling that materials make us happy. That Mega Millions will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. It will give you new things to spark your interest, and when they no longer fill our void, we move on to the next thing, and this goes on forever. 

The truth is, all you NEED is air, water and food.  Don’t believe me?  Take it from me, and my personal training experience, try not eating for awhile or better yet, stop drinking fluids and see what kind of car you want.  The car means nothing when you are thirsty.  How about this, wherever you are right now, stop what you are doing and hold your breath, when your body starts faltering all you can think about is breathing.  A new pair of shoes kind of seems silly now, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t take much to be happy, next time something material brings you down, hold your breath, see what really matters in life.

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