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The Little Things


Every now and then I have a day or group of days that leave me with some time for reflection.  It seems far too often, we as humans, lose track of the little things that matter so much to us.  We give so much power to objects, substances, and things of social value, that we forget the things that really matter.

 This past weekend I had a full schedule.  Spent time with family, witnessed family overcome natural fears and tap into a place they’ve never thought they would go.  I witnessed a family who lost a daughter and sister at a young age by violence. 

So many emotions have been opened that it gave me some time to take a step back and see what matters.  It’s amazing to see people strip fear of it’s power, and to see them overjoyed at the success of mind over matter while also witnessing them realize that all things are possible, even if at one time they had doubts. 

Too much time during the day is wasted on things that really don’t matter, and believe me, I am just as much at fault as any of you.  We get upset about comments that are left on Facebook, or about something that a celebrity is doing with their life or that our football team got crushed on Sunday.

Does it really matter? 

 What matters are those close to you, the people who care about you and the people you care about.  Remember that every day on this earth may be your last.  I know I speak like this a lot, but imagine, just imagine you won’t wake up tomorrow.  Did you do everything you wanted to do?  Did you tell everyone you loved them, or did you waste time on stuff?

Life is about making the most of the little things.

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