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It’s 5am and I am wide awake, completely refreshed from a good nights sleep. This is a big week for me. Well, that’s an understatement. This is one of the most important weeks of my life. Saturday, I will run 50 miles. I know, I know, I keep saying it, but I don’t know if anyone can quite gage how huge this is for me.

Anyway, I figure I will document my week up until my race for all of you to follow along. Am I branching away from addiction? It might seem like it to some, but if you know the struggle, than you can for sure appreciate the survival.

Yesterday I had my normal Monday morning meeting with my probation officer. She asked me the typical questions, administered my urine analysis, and then with a smile asked me if I was ready. She knew how big this week was for me, and she has been great in supporting what I am doing with myself.

Because I am leaving the good ole’ Garden State, I had to fill out paperwork that allowed me to do so. It’s funny and odd to me at the same time that I have to, for all intent and purpose, get permission to leave my state. But, it is part of my punishment, and I filled out that paper work with a smile and lightening speed.

When I left my meeting, I started reflecting once again. This year has been the most amazing year imaginable for me. It has been a year filled will figuring out who I really am. I have learned more about myself in this one single year, than I have in the previous 26 combined.

Some people understand who they are, and some have to completely self destruct before they realize what life is all about. Apparently I am a member of the latter.

Thanks to the infinite and never fading love from my Jess and family, I am able to live fully and happily. I have worked my ass off on my mental capacity, but without them, I am nothing. This past year, more than anything, I have learned that without love, nothing else really matters. I have learned just how much love surrounds me on a daily basis.

During my 50 miles I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. There is no doubt that somewhere along the route I will be faced with obstacles, both mentally and physically. But, one thing I am now certain of, is that I will not be alone out there. I will say it again, every person who has been there and supported me, will be along for the ride.

So, I am sure that some voice in my head will try to push me to stop, try to fill my head with doubt and pain, but I want  you to know that when this happens, I will not stop. I will travel back to that hospital bed, withdrawing from pain. I will see the looks and the tears on my families faces. I will remember feeling physically and completely mentally defeated. I will remember wondering if I had what it took to survive this disease.

And as I remember all the worst days of my life, I will push forward to complete one of my best. Those thoughts of my past are enough fuel to enable me to survive anything. 50 miles? Piece of cake.

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