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To The Youth

Like I have mentioned before, I will be speaking to a group of young adults at the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center on August 8th. I am looking very much forward to meeting them and talking. I know that as a class they read this blog as a treat, so I wanted to write a post directed at them and give them some things to think about before I arrive.

You guys are used to people telling you what to do and how to live your life, I am not going to do that when you meet me. My message isn’t used to tell you that drugs are bad. You have heard countless times why drugs are bad. They destroy every aspect of your life. I am coming to tell you about a life you can live that scares mediocre minds. You did something to get yourself where you are. You screwed up, you made mistakes, is it the end of the world? Of course it’s not, what really matters is this moment right now as you read this.

People get caught up in a web of their actions. Picture a spider web and you are the fly caught in the web. That web is a negative lifestyle filled with drugs, crime ,and self-destruction. I’m sure you are all tough and will fight for yourself. Fight till you break free from the web to a life of freedom. Their are plenty of spiders out there trying to get you into their webs, have you stuck in a life where you can be manipulated and controlled. Be your own person, and as time goes on you will grow with self confidence and see spider webs for what they are. You will see them as a tiny world, a world if you choose to, can be swatted down with one movement of your hand. Pushed away and walked through by a strong arm.

I want you to understand that your past is dead. The only place it still exists is in your own minds. The only time that’s real is the moment right now. And in this moment you always have a choice, to do good or bad. If you choose bad, you will attract bad in your life, if you do good, you will attract good. It’s such an easy concept, but it took me 28 years of my life to understand this. I couldn’t figure out that the way I thought was a direct connection to the things I received. I want you guys to do an exercise. I want one of you to go up to the white board or chalk board and in capital letters write P.M.A. ; this stands for Positive Mental Attitude. This is the key to happiness. Believe it or not, this saying can change your lives. Whenever you guys get pissed, or have an argument, I want someone to step in and remind them of PMA. This should be your new slogan to live by, PMA. Say it out loud. The skies the limit guys, and that shit’s real.

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