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Been super busy lately training my ass off for May 13th.  May 13th is the 48-hour non-stop ultramarathon fundraiser in honor of Jason Marles that I am running.  I plan on covering between 150-200 miles.  But is it odd that I am training for more?  Is it odd that I want to get 215 miles and break the course record? 

I have put together a pretty intense training routine that should put me in the best shape of my life.  I feel like I have to be in order to raise enough money for Jason’s kids.  Everytime I start to slow down and feel sorry for myself about the pain I am putting myself into, I think about those kids.  I think about what they had to face when saying goodbye to their father and what they will endure throughout life.  The thought of it, the pain these children must feel, makes my training seem like nothing.  But at the same time, it gives me the strength to push that much harder.  When my body starts to slow down, I think about them, and it’s like a shock of adrenaline shoots through my body and I get new feet, new legs and a will stronger than any. 

My only wish is that while I put the hours and hours of training in for this family.  That we could start to spread the word around.  This is for a fallen officer’s children.  Please take a minute to speak about him today.  Talk about those kids and try to lend a helping hand anyway you can.  If you would like to make a verbal pledge, and learn more about the fundraiser, please visit Jason Marles Fundraiser.   If you would like to make a verbal pledge per mile, please e-mail me at Ryan @FreeFromHell.com

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