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True Potential Of A Former Addict

Understanding your true potential is a scary thing.  What are our limits?  Do we really have any?  Or is the idea of limits an agreement by our society.  What is excepted as the norm or the extreme is decided by the whole of society.  What if they are wrong?  What if inside, you had a burning desire to test the limits of extreme?  What if you are able to push or maybe even topple the idea of extreme and make it the norm?  These thoughts are what keep my up at night.

It will be 2 years this July when I was brought to the hospital to withdraw.  Obviously a lot has changed since then in all of our lives.  For me the idea of breathing was painful back then. I just wanted it to end, was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  As most of you read this, your shaking your head as your nose is running, your weak and desperate for the wake up call.  I want you to stop your erratic thoughts and think to yourself, “Is this who I wanted to be when I grew up?”   I’m guessing your shaking your head.

Then it’s time.  It’s time to fight back against the desire of self-destruction. I don’t need to tell you the strength those chemicals have, but what you need to know is that NOTHING is stronger than the human mind when it is fed up.  Take back your life, seek treatment and join me.  I was put here on this planet to push the envelope for us addicts.  To show by example that because we are addicts, does not mean we are useless or fall into some smug category by society.  I want you all to see that because I am an addict, I push the extreme of positivity and am willing to pave a new road for us.  One that sets new standards for us, and prove not so much to society what we are capable of, but to our own minds.  You with me?

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