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What Happens When YOU Die?


One of the most fascinating topics that I LOVE to talk about is the topic of death.  The mystery behind the final ending we all will face.  It’s the ultimate parent, the voice over your shoulder at all times that says, “I would think twice about using your fork to get the bread out of the toaster.” Because one slip, one mistake could mean the tumble to the unknown.

Dating back centuries, people have had stories of what happens when you die.  People have said that they have died and seen “the light” but “chose” to turn away and head back to hotel earth.  I am not doubting anyone’s experiences, but I have learned that I have to feel or experience things for myself, before I believe anything whole-heartedly. 

We all have experienced the passing of someone we knew or loved.  The shock of realizing that you will never see them on Earth again can overwhelm even the strongest people.  Some people cope in different ways. Why?  Because we are all DIFFERENT. No one can ever tell anyone the right or wrong way to cope with loss, but at some point everyone has to acknowledge the passing. 

I look at each of us as an individual; a complete and utter work of breathing and fleshy art, stuffed with organs and blood like bolts and nuts. I believe that we all work to our own perfection to give our spirits a vessel to thrive in. So the “million dollar” question is; when that amazing machine faulters and is no longer able to live, does this mean the spirit is gone? 

The ultimate question for everyone is what exactly happens to your soul when you die?  Do we live on in paradise or is it ‘lights out’ forever? This topic never ceases to amaze me, and I am going to leave you with the thought of the word “forever.”  Now sit back and think about how long forever is.  Forever grants us absolutley a never ending,  infinite time-line.  Its makes you realize how important your time is now.  Go tell your family you love them, lift someones day by holding the door for them, and smile as much as possible.  I am going to do as much good as I can for now, and forever can wait; that is until of course my numbers called. And when it is, I will look back and know that I lived in the moment today, and waited forever for “forever.”

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