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What Is Possible?

A thought, a dream, your passion.  We all have ideas of what can be done. What each of us would like to accomplish.  We usually keep these ideas to ourselves for fear of trying to pursue them and failing.  Worried of what others may think.  People will always be there to judge.  They will tell you why you CAN’T fullfill your destiny.  Crush the dreams you have.  Those people will ALWAYS be there.  You can either listen to them and agree or you can make a choice to believe your energy.

If you take a step back and think about the situation.  These non-believers are nothing more than human.  They do not know what you are capable of for they have never seen inside your soul.  YOU are the only person who knows what you can create.  That inner fire you possess is only felt by you.

Harness that fire, take the leap, and create YOUR possible.  For what was once impossible in the morning is now possible in the afternoon because you listened to your soul.  And as the night approaches, watch the believers appear around you.

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