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Write For Recovery, Write For Your Life.

People tell me all the time how much my blog and youtube videos have inspired them. This takes me back every time. See, when I meet someone new that is still suffering, or who is in the early stages of recovery, they always ask what my advice is to stay clean. EVERY SINGLE TIME, the first thing I say is to WRITE.

When I started this blog, it was originally just to spill my feelings. I NEVER thought I was even legible as a writer. Never got high marks in English class, was never considered to be a talented writer. I actually hated it back then. But when I went through my early stages of recovery, I was bombarded by waves of extreme emotions that I felt could never be felt by another human being. To this day, I remember crying by myself in the mental health facility where I was committed, wondering where my life had gone and opening my journal up for the first time to write. I had no idea what was going to come out. All I did was put my pen to the paper and felt my emotions through words. Once I started I could NOT stop. Every word made me lighter. I had found my first stage to my personal recovery. All I ask to all of you, is to give it a try. We are not all Shakespeare. We are not going to thrill other readers ALL the time. BUT, I guarantee, something you put down on paper from your heart will be felt by others in your shoes. And that is why writing, has saved my life.

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